2169 Stillwater Avenue 651-738-4875 School Day 8:35 am to 3:50 pm
Achieve Language Academy is a community of learners in grades Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Achieve is built on the beliefs that good schools transform communities; that community is created by shared values and common goals; that all children can learn and achieve; and that education is essential to a fulfilling life.
Mission Statement

The mission of Achieve Language Academy is to provide a rigorous, standards-based, data-driven, best practices educational program for students in grades Pre-K through 8. Achieve educates the whole child in a safe environment that values diversity and promotes world cultures with a focus on Hmong and Spanish languages.
At Achieve, students:

• WORK cooperatively with other students of various cultural backgrounds and toward personal high academic goals;

• RESPECT each individual's uniqueness, cultural heritage and opinions and ideas;

• BELONG to a community that gives back to the larger community and are active members of a challenging learning community.
Unique Characteristics at Achieve

* We provide all students an opportunity to become literate in two languages, English and either Hmong or Spanish.
* Each student has an individualized continuous learning plan based on input from parents, teachers, and student.
* Staff work collaboratively to create a positive and productive child-centered environment.
* We provide an extended summer programming available for all students.
* We offer a Pre-kindergarten program for 4 year olds that meets 5-day a week.